The Top 10 Best Underwater Digital Cameras of 2016

The Top 10 Best Underwater Digital Cameras of 2016

When it comes to choosing the best underwater digital cameras of 2016, nothing beats what we have encountered so far. In this list, we feature the best underwater digital cameras that are waterproof, deliver superb performance and are built to last for a long time. They will literally heighten your experience and transform your underwater activities to fun and memorable ones. From your swimming routines to other planned underwater sports activities, you get to record all your favourite moments that you will never forget for the rest of your life! Trust us when we say that these underwater digital cameras are worth the investment – they will exceed most if not all your expectations. If you a fanatic underwater sportsman, you don’t want to miss out on these underwater digital cameras.

#1 GeekPro 4.0 Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The GeekPro 4.0 sport action camera is one of the best underwater digital cameras in terms of its performance and its relatively cheap price. The GeekPro 4,0 features full HD action camera and has excellent built in WI-FI function.  Furthermore, the GeekPro 4.0 is equipped with a separate 2.4G wrist remote control that supports a distance from your device for up to 15M. The pairings of the camera and any phone devices are effortless and will come in handy whenever you need to operate your camera remotely by using phones. Best still, the remote has already been pre-configured and will automatically connect to any phone devices, which obviates the need to read through guides and configure the remotes.

Straight out of the box, we were surprised by GeekPro 4.0’s amazing starter set of accessories contained within the well padded carrying bag. Other than the necessaries (battery, USB cable, charger, lens cloth and a user manual), we were impressed to find a helmet mount, bandage, firm clip-on tools and a great waterproof housing, easing the users to shoot in different styles for sports. The camera is small and compact (the size is only 2.3 x 0.9 x 1.6 inches), making it easily portable to every beaches in the world. Just pop the camera into one of your sport bags or hand luggage and you are ready to go!

In terms of functions of the GeekPro 4.0, it delivers stellar shooting performance and features functions like record, time stamp, exposure, burst photo, time lapse etc that blow the minds of the camera fantastics and newbies. Charging time would take approximately 3.5 hours and comes with a good recording time at 1080p for about 70 minutes. It also has wide-angle lens of up to 170 degrees and would be a good alternative to dash camera.

We were initially sceptical about how well the waterproof shell casing works underwater and we tested it at the river. It worked absolutely perfect and there was no any single drop of water in it. Comparing the GeekPro with GoPro, we would highly recommend GeekPro 4.0 as GeekPro certainly bangs the bucks! The quality difference between GeekPro and GoPro is not large, and GeekPro certainly has a spectacular built-in video screen that the original GoPro does not provide.  Furthermore, it is compatible with all GoPro accessories so if you decide to purchase any add-ons from GoPro brands, you can easily find endless supply to it in the market.

One quibble that we found with GeekPro 4.0 is when we used it indoor without a flash, the colors of the pictures appeared a little washed out. We would highly recommend you to download the apps provided in the manual to readjust the exposure and white balance for greater results.

The Verdict? The GeekPro 4.0 is one of the best underwater digital cameras for its superb quality. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase and will be impressed by how well it performs underwater. Its weight and compact design coupled with the mounting accessories will provide you with an unforgettable underwater experience! Best still, it is currently selling at a whopping 45% discount at the time of writing so be sure to check it out before it sells out!

#2 TEC.BEAN EX5000 Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The Tec. Bean EX5000 tops our list as one of the best underwater digital cameras for its lasting-long batteries and portability. Featuring a high quality 1080p and 720 video, the Tec. Bean EX5000 is also equipped with quick capture function that helps you to record the exciting moments of surfing, gliding and skiing so that you will never miss any memorable moments!

Straight out of the box, we found a handful of mounting accessories – these versatile accessories come in handy and make you feel secured whenever you want to take your pictures from a difficult position. If you are a water sports fanatic like us, you will love these accessories as they record your fun moments of your life! In addition to its superior video quality, it also features 170 degree wide angle glass lens and a 14MP CMOS sensor, striving to help you capture your passion when you are doing your underwater activities. There is also the 2.0 inch LCD panel that allows you to instantaneously preview your videos.  It also comes with an excellent in-built WIFI function where you can access your images or videos from your devices effortlessly. All you have to do is to download the app and within seconds, your photos and videos are readily seen from your devices (which obviously have a bigger screen than the 2.0 inches display screen of the camera).

Where the Tec. Bean excels is in terms of its battery. The unique design of the camera allows you to insert two batteries for longer shooting time. For this, you will get double enjoyment without the need to continuously check on the battery usage or to recharge your battery. We were initially sceptical about it and to our surprise, the battery lasted us the whole day when we took over 200 photos of and several small videos.  Best still, the size of this camera is so small and compact that it can be inserted into a pocket and you can bring it literally everywhere you want. We tested the camera’s case and were pleasant to find that it lived up to its waterproof function.

Two quibbles that we found lie in the fact that Tec. Bean does not come with a flash function and that its sound quality is mediocre when you insert the camera in its case. If you rarely use an action camera for night activities, we would highly recommend this Tec. Bean action camera to you due to its superb photo quality.

The Verdict? If you are looking for the best underwater digital camera that is priced less than $80, you simply cannot go wrong by choosing the Tec. Bean EX5000. The combined features of long-lasting battery and great portability make this Tec. Bean EX 5000 a great selection to be taken outdoor for snorkelling, skiing or diving! At the time of writing, this incredible underwater digital camera is selling at only $76.

#3 GOPRO Hero4 Silver Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

Ranked as one of the highest selling underwater digital camera, the GoPro Hero4 Silver tops our list as one of the best underwater digital cameras for its stunning video quality (in fact the best in our top 10 list). Straight out of box, we were very impressed by the camera’s rugged design which has been secured in a case. The GoPro Hero Silver is non-removable from the case – it is definitely a plus to us as the case protects our camera from being damaged.  It is advertised to stay waterproof for up to 131 feet (40 meter). We tested it under the water and were happy that the GoPro Hero4 Silver lived up to its description – so take it with you without a worry whenever you are surfing or splashing in the pool with your friends.

Featuring high-quality 1080p60 and 720p120 video, the GoPro Hero4 Silver captures every essential moment when you are deeply immersed under the water. The sharpness of the photos is amongst the best out of all underwater digital cameras. There are lots of user-friendly modes that are already installed in it. For example, there are modes like QuikCapture which lets you grab on your camera and instantaneously start recording your favourite moment with just a single click and Burst Photo which captures fast-action movements at up to 5 frames per second.  It also comes with a Time Lapse mode which means it practically captures a photo every half second. If you are a surf enthusiast, you will definitely like the Time Lapse mode of GoPro Hero4 which allows you to capture your stunning surfing moves every half second from an immersive wide-angle perspective.

Furthermore, GoPro Hero4 Silver is very small and compact where the dimensions are only measured at 4x 4.1 x9.7 inches. Weighing only 3.8 ounces, it is extremely portable and perfect for a getaway in summer. Simply slip in the pocket or cabin luggage and you are ready to go. Its ultra light and high portability makes GoPro Hero4 Silver a good choice to comfortably bring it on board. The GoPro Hero4 Silver is also designed to be highly durable – with a rugged case encasing the camera, it can withstand dirt, sand and water. The GoPro Hero4 Silver, unlike its previous series which is a rather basic underwater digital camera with basic functions, the GoPro Hero4 Silver, an upgrade from the past series, features a display integrated touch display that allows you to preview and play back your photos and videos instantaneously. It also has built-in WIFI and Bluetooth, allowing you to connect to your phone from your camera for up to 180 meters away. Sharing is definitely made easier with these features built in with the GoProHero4.

The only quibble is that with the same price paid for other products, you would be able to purchaser underwater digital cameras with free mounting accessories.

The Verdict? If you are looking for a professional underwater camera which delivers impeccable video quality, GoPro Hero4 Silver definitely ranks as one of the best underwater digital cameras in the market. Its weight and ultra wide-angle glass lens are additional features that help provide a unique and engaging perspective to the immersive footage captured during our intensive water sport activities. If your budget allows it, this is definitely the best underwater digital camera that you wouldn’t want to miss!

#4 InstaBox Voyage SV5000 Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The InstaBox Voyage SV5000 is one of the best underwater digital cameras when it is taken as a package as a whole. The construction of the InstaBox Voyage is top-notch. It supports 1080p at 60fps and omnivision 4689 solution and is available in three colours (black, silver and white). It also features 16 MP CMOS Sensor which means it can deliver high quality, crisp images – whether it is diving, biking or hiking, this InstaBox Voyage covers all your precious moments effortlessly by its built in 170 degree wide angle lens. There is hardly any lag whenever we took photographs or videos.

Straight out of box, we were pleasantly surprised that the InstaBox Voyage SV5000 came with a nice black carrying bag. The package is specifically designed for outdoor activities – the package comes with equipped mounting accessories such as adhesive mount, frame mount, buckles which will help to securely fasten your camera within your reach! Best still, it is lightweight (only 1.3 pounds) and is extremely compact which makes it the perfect choice for travel. The product dimensions are only measured at 13.4 x 8.3 x 3 inches – so handy that it fits right into the palm of your hand.

The best feature of this underwater camera is that it has an excellent built-in WIFI and pairs well with Android and IOS devices. As the technology for pairing with IOS is fairly recent, one tip for our reader is to search for XDV on appstore. The in-built WIFI feature allows you to view or review your pictures and videos from essentially everywhere. It also comes with an amazing waterproof case. We tested the camera by dunking it into the bath tub and recorded some videos. We were immensely surprised that the quality of the video is the same as when the camera is not in the case. The waterproof case no doubt surpassed our expectation by sealing the camera and keeping the camera dry and clean. If you are keen swimmers, divers and bikers, you would be able to capture your favourite moments in

There are several quibbles that we found by using the InstaBox Voyage. Firstly, the InstaBox Voyage does not come with a MicroSD so be sure to purchase it with the package as a starter pack. Also, whilst it features a 16MP camera, the video quality is decent but if we compare with GoPro Hero, the video quality is still some distance away from the GoPro Hero. Lastly, when you have the waterproof case on, the sound recorded can be quite murky.

The Verdict? The InstaBox Voyage is an awesome underwater digital camera that comes with the latest technology at an affordable price. Its decent video quality coupled with the free mounting accessories that comes with the package are additional features that make them one of the best underwater digital cameras of 2016.  At the time of writing, it is selling at a whopping discount of 53% so be sure to grab it while it lasts!

#5 TecTecTec XPRO2+ Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The TecTecTec XPRO 2+ ranks as our favourite best underwater digital cameras of 2016 in terms of its latest technology. Recently released in March 2016, the TecTecTec XPRO 2+ has the best combination of the packages of the underwater digital cameras and ranks as the best alternative to the much more expensive GoPro series of sports cameras.

The TecTecTec XPRO 2+ features excellent video quality which ranges from 4K 25 fps to 1080p 60fps – which allows you to film every detail of your favourite adventures. We recommend choosing the 1080p 60 fps mode for fast moving action and 4k 25fps for shooting slower action in detail. Straight out of box, we were very pleased with the TecTecTec’s compatible kits which a multitude of accessories that allow us to attach it to helmets, bikes and surfboards. There are other accessories available in the same kit to help you to customise your setup – we must say that this underwater digital camera is highly versatile in that it practically caters for every user’s needs. Best still, it comes with a year warranty and a 30 day full refund return policy.

What impressed us the most is the TecTecTec XPRO 2+’s latest built in latest technology. Not only does it come with sound recording, it also comes with Slow Motion Mode, Time Lapse Mode which allows pictures to be taken form intervals ranging from 0.5 seconds to 60 seconds, Loop recording (which is a great substitute for dash cam), Self Timer and Battery Saver Mode. We really like the fact that there is an in built battery save mode to have more time to capture our favourite moments, obviating the need to constantly charging our battery. Further, since it is equipped with the latest technology, it also allows remote accessibility – it has in built WIFI integrated so that the TecTecTec XPRO 2+ can connect to any devices remotely via any of the devices. Its advertisement depicts that TecTecTec XPRO 2+ is water resistant for up to 30 metres, we are very immensely surprised that this underwater digital camera practically blew our mind when it perfectly functioned well when we went beyond 60 meters during scuba-diving session.

The only quibble with the TecTecTec XPRO 2+ is that its video quality is comparatively low as compared to GoPro series when the video is taken at night. Also, the package does not come with a Micro SD card. We highly recommend you to get a 32GB or 64 GB SD card to have more personalised storage spaces.

The Verdict? TecTecTec XPRO 2+ is simply one of the best underwater digital cameras of 2016 that we have encountered in terms of its technology. If you are a keen sportsman who is looking for a camera that is value for money, this underwater digital camera’s high versatility coupled with other latest built-in features make it an excellent choice that you would not regret. At the time of writing, it is selling at an amazing discount of 64% so be sure to check it out while it lasts!

#6 YI Action Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

Priced at only $80, the Yi Action camera is listed as one of the best underwater digital cameras of 2016 for its revolutionary features. Unlike other sports camera, Yi Action Camera has the most unique design in terms of its construction. Whilst most of the sports cameras are designed in square shape, the Yi Action Camera debunked the myth that only cameras in square shape can fit into your pocket. Designed in a rectangular shape (items dimensions are measured at 1.65 x 0.83 x 2.37 inches), the Yi Action Camera still conveniently fits any pocket. Its weight is so light that it only weighs 0.17 pounds – we practically did not notice that we were carrying Yi Action camera onboard with us.

Straight out of box, you will find a Yi Action camera, micro-USB cable, battery, a warranty card for 1 year. Note however that due to the cheap price, Yi Camera does not come with any waterproof case and mounting accessories. If you are a keen diver, you will love the Yi Action camera that allows you to preview your shots by the in-built WIFI. Equipped with advance technology, there are simply endless ways of pairing the Yi camera with any of your devices. Simply stay connected with your devices from your camera for up to 32 feet away.

Furthermore, featuring full high definition1080p videos, this Yi Action camera is highly versatile. It is built in with Ambarella A7LS chipset which means it comes with adjustable resolution to suit your personal needs. The photos taken using the Yi Action camera is excellent – the built in Sony 16Mp sensor helps to produce clear and crisp photos of your stunning moments. Furthermore, it is integrated with a 155° ultra wide-angle lens that will take your photo shooting moments into another perspective. The Yi Action Camera will turn your favourite moments into amazing memories – the image stabilization function and the 3D noise reduction functions are spectacular features that help us improve the video quality and stagnate our best-loved moments.

The quibble that we have is its relatively short battery life – the battery only lasted for 1 -1.5 hours. One tip to extend the battery life is to substitute the battery with a power bank for more hours of recording time. Also, there is a muffled static sound in some of the videos that were recorded and the static sound is more noticeable in a quiet environment.

The Verdict? Yi Action Camera is undoubtedly one of the best underwater digital cameras in 2016. Given the price coupled with its superb video quality, we have no doubt that this is a high quality product that catches our best moments while we are under the water. At the time writing, Yi Action Camera is selling at a good 19% discount so don’t forget to snap it fast while the price is low!

#7 Lightdow LD4000 Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The Lightdow LD4000 is one of their best underwater digital cameras manufactured by the company. It is equipped with Novatek Original Chip – NT96650 solution which delivers splendid quality of pictures and videos.  It is the perfect combination of great quality and portability. It is also waterproof and only weighs approximately 1.1 pounds. It measures 2.6 x 0.9 x 1.6 inches that conveniently fits the size of your hand. Carry it whenever you like to have your best moments stagnated. Furthermore, the Lightdow LD4000 is super cheap in price (in fact the cheapest of among our top 10 list of best underwater digital cameras) and does not hurt your wallet. . Best still, it is available in 7 different colours (black, blue, gold, yellow, white, pink and silver), which allows you to choose the perfect colours as a gift for your closest ones. For such a high quality underwater digital camera, this is definitely a win-win situation.

Other than Motion Detection and Dash Cam modes, the Lightdow LD4000 also features anti-shock function and a fast powerful photo capture function that allows you to capture high quality photos at speeds of up to 30 fps. We were also pleasant with the quality of the underwater digital camera that supports 12 mega pixel shooting with an immersive 170°wide-angle lens and a high video quality of 1080p/30 and 720p/30. It is also backed up with a year warranty. For such a cheap price, we are very happy that it also comes with mounting accessories. If you previously have used GoPro series, it is an added value that it also goes well with any of the GoPro attachments/ accessories. If you love going for outdoor activities, you will love this Lightdow LD4000 that allows you to practically attach it to anything including clothes, helmets, bikes, surfboards and motorcycles.

The Lightdow LD4000 is also waterproof and highly durable under the water in that it is designed to withstand extreme environment and is waterproof for up to 30m (98”). However, this camera has its limitations and we do not recommend it for scuba diving. When we went scuba diving with this camera, we noticed that the video blurred at a deeper depth and the video quality diminished as we went deeper (probably due to the water coming in contact with the camera lens). It is definitely a solid choice for other activities.

The other disadvantage of the Lightdow LD4000 lies in its battery. Having only 900mAh as the battery capacity, it would at most last us for an hour. One tip is to bring an additional lithium-ion battery as you don’t want to miss out your important moments due to battery shortage!

The Verdict? The Lightdow LD4000 is definitely one of the best underwater digital cameras if you are looking for a camera which is less than $50. For such a price, the Lightdow LD4000 is simply a steal – you wouldn’t want to miss out the excellent video quality and its one year warranty. All in all, this is definitely one of the best underwater digital cameras of 2016 when it comes to value for money. It is now selling a stunning 79% discount at the time of writing.

#8 Lynec AC65 Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The Lynec AC65 is undoubtedly one of the best underwater digital cameras of 2016 if you are looking for a starter package and would love to get an underwater digital camera for less than $50. It is a high performing underwater digital camera that comes at an affordable price and is surely something to be reckoned with. Straight out of box, the starter package consists of everything you need that include a double 900mAh li-ion battery, a waterproof case, some useful mounting accessories like bicycle stand, helmet base, adhesive tapes and a European charger. Note that you still have to purchase a micro USB card to start using the camera. As a beginner you may be slightly intimidated by the amount of starts up items that Lynec AC65 provides, but trust us when we say that their detailed guide is easily comprehended that it just makes photo shooting a whole lot easier! If you find that the European charger is not compatible with your plug, simply plug it in any charger you already own or alternatively just use an adapter.

The Lynec AC65 is extremely well built in that it delivers superior video quality at 12M photo resolution. Equipped with a 170 degree A+ wide angle lens and featuring high quality 1080P/30fps and 720P/60fps video, you simply cannot go wrong with the Lynec AC65 as it captures all your highlights and delivers remarkable results. Furthermore, as it comes with two batteries, you will get to enjoy longer shooting time and will never be let down by batteries running out at the most important moment. Simply just bring a power bank if you want to maximise the joy of shooting outdoor or underwater. Best still, it comes with a 1.5 inch LCD screen to preview videos, you can practically relive your best moments underwater or anywhere instantaneously! It measures 2.33x 1.62x 1.15 inches and weighs 44g which makes it extremely portable and convenient for hunting, diving, hiking, etc. The photo qualities are decent (whilst it is not as good as a GoPro, getting a GoPro is certainly not worth 5 times the price especially when you are on budget).

The best part of the Lynec AC65 lies in its anti-shake function. We tested this camera when we were riding bicycle. The anti-shake function also makes it the perfect temporary dash cam in the car. The Lynec AC65 is very versatile – it can be used interchangeably with any GoPro accessories. It is highly durable in that it is designed to withstand extreme condition. It is water resistant and provides good water protection for up to 30 meters so you can dive in or go under water and record every exciting moment of your life.

There are two quibbles that we noticed from using the Lynec AC65. Firstly, we had some issues with the timer. When we set the timer, the camera shot instantly and waited for few seconds to capture another photo so it practically wasted some of the storage spaces. Secondly, the waterproof case does not work well as it advertised. There were few droplets that appeared at the bottom when we dived down the sea. If you are not going for a dive, this is truly one of the best underwater digital cameras at the price range.

The Verdict? The Lynec AC65 delivers impressive quality of photos and videos and is one of the best underwater digital cameras that you wouldn’t want to miss. It is the best start up kit for beginners at a much affordable price. If you are looking for a gift that is less than $50 but delivers reasonably good quality, look no further than the Lynec AC65.  At the time of writing, it is selling at a whopping 70% discount so snap it up while it lasts!

#9 CCbetter CS720W Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The CCbetter CS720W Sports Action Camera is one of the best underwater digital cameras when it comes to its design and its construction. It has a striking yellow colour that will surely capture everyone’s attention. Straight out of box, you will find the camera, a dual battery, each lasting about 80 minutes and other wearable accessories. The CCbetter CS720W Sports Action Camera is also designed to be small and compact. It only weighs 59 grams and measures 2.9x4x9.3 inches, making it extremely convenient to be mounted on chest, bike, car or even on your head. Best still, the package comes with a lot of mounting accessories which makes it a great starter package for beginners to mount it on anything and to capture the best fantastic moment in your trip.

Furthermore, the CCbetter CS720W is equipped with a 12M CMPS Sensor for capturing crisp images, allowing you to shoot your favourite moments in any of your favourite outdoor sports like Airborne, Cycling, Diving, Skateboarding, etc. The video resolution is also up to 1080P FHD which helps you to capture vivid and clear videos, recording your fun and memorable moments. It is also equipped with a 170°wide-angle fish-eye lens which helps you to capture many more fantastic shots from a wider perspective. If you are a keen diver, you will love the 2.0 inch LCD screen (it’s doesn’t have a touch screen) that is built it to allow you to preview your videos and photos instantaneously!

The best part of the camera lies in its wireless control where you can stand 50 feet away from your devices and still manage to get connected to your camera. However, setting up the WIFI is a bit tricky. A tip to get the WIFI working is to first download and install the Canany app on your device. Turn on your camera and make sure it is not recording. Once live, press the Up Arrow once and release it immediately as holding it for too long will activate the zoom function. Next, press the lower left button (a picture icon with mountain background) on your app and then press the upper right button which is a setting gear icon. Click WIFI setting and find the Driver DV and the WIFI is ready. The CCBetter CS720W is advertised to withstand water for up to 30 meters but it definitely surpassed our expectation when the underwater digital camera went waterproof for up to 90 to 95 feet.

The only quibble we found in this CCBetter CS720W is that it does not recognise a 64GB microSD card. If storage is not a big issue for you, this would be the best underwater digital camera that you would not want to miss. We initially found it difficult to locate the micro SD card slot. A tip to find the micro SD card slot is that it is located right next to the port where you insert your charger to charge your camera.

The Verdict? The CCBetter CS720W is definitely one of the best underwater digital cameras of 2016 that is priced less than $80. It is stylishly designed with an impressive double battery life for less than 1/3 of the price of GoPro. At the time of writing, it is selling at an attractive 55% discount so be sure to check it out!

#10 GooKit Underwater Digital Camera

best underwater digital cameras

The GooKit Digital Waterproof Sports Action Camera has the latest design and is the best underwater digital camera by GooKit. It is coloured white and is encased in a camera case that is shockproof and waterproof for up to 98 feet. Its design is also exceptionally well done in that it could withstand extreme conditions like dust and dirt. It is a tiny camera that is measured 2.3×0.97×1.6inches and only weighs 0.13 pounds – you could practically bring this out for an amazing photo shooting session whenever you are doing any outdoor activities.

Straight out of box, you can find a good starter package that includes bicycle stand, clips, mounting accessories, adhesives, a manual, a USB cable and a US plug charger (except the micro SD card). The mounting accessories are extremely useful to immobilise the camera set and helps to capture your favourite moments! The GooKit Digital Waterproof Sports Action Camera features a high video quality of 1080p 30fps or 720p60fps that is equipped with 170 degree wide lens and can take photos for up to 12MP resolution. It can fit in a 32GB micro SD card. The functions configured into this camera are simply spectacular – functions like time lapse and burst (for up to 3 photos) are included. Furthermore, you can easily change your exposure settings between +/-2.0 in the increments of 0.3 (or 0.4) which changes the brightness of the captured pictures. We recommend increasing it to generate sharper details and decreasing it at extremely bright places to help reveal non-washed out pictures.

With the 2.0 inch LCD screen, the GooKit Digital Waterproof Sports Action Camera helps to line up shots and allows you to know that you are shooting what you want to shoot. In addition, it is built in with the latest technology – it practically allows you to connect to WIFI through a free app “iSmart DV” to any Android or Apple devices. If you want to observe the nature whilst hiking, you can set it up at the base camp and leave and through the WIFI, you can observe amazing pictures. The WIFI function also allows you to start or stop recording and download whenever it is finished! Setting up the WIFI is easy and effortless – simply press the “down button” on the side. The display will show that the camera is connecting to the WIFI and later changes to “WIFI Connection Ready” once your device is ready.

The only quibble that we found is that the camera’s battery did not last for more than an hour. We realised that watching the video from your camera is more battery consuming than capturing a video – it literally consumed half of the battery when we were watching a 10 minute recording. We strongly recommend getting an extra battery so that you won’t be disappointed over missing your important moments just because the camera runs out of battery.

The Verdict? The GooKit Digital Waterproof Sports Action Camera is simply one of the best underwater digital cameras that we have encountered so far in terms of value for money. Priced at only $60, you simply cannot go wrong when it is user-friendly and delivers awesome photo and video qualities. Its waterproof function is again impeccable – you are really getting top value for what you have paid. At the time of writing, it is discounted at an amazing 76% so check it out while it lasts!

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